Monday, January 6, 2014

HH HouseHeads = RadioShow

Last year we saw the birth of house heads radio show, we had big gigs and we saw djs like Akan Souldeep, Gigi Squillante and many more djs apeared in our show as guest djs. This year we go bigger and better we bring in djs like Atjazz, Rocco and many more and the gigs are world class.So to stay turned to our show go to these links.

     Weekly Programme 

Saturdays from 20:00pm To 22:00pm

                 Frist Hour
          Introduction to the show 
        The hottest tune of the week
        An hour mix by DJ ICE COOL

            Second Hour  
  The hottest gig of the week 
  A 30 minute mix buy a guest DJ 
 A down low on one of the record company 
  and a few tunes from them

                   100% DEEP HOUSE MUSIC

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